Mosaic Icons

The mosaic icons on display here are made in Finland by the Moscowian artist Yurij Yarin. The icons have been made either on cement or wax surface, both of which were used already in the blooming Bysantic culture. During the period of prosperity of Bysantic culture, cement was used as a surface on the walls onto which the mosaics were made directly. Wax was used as a surface for movable icons that were e.g. given as precious gifts.

Yurij Yarin visits Finland a few times a year to teach the mosaic courses organized by The Mosaic Icon Workshop Petros.

Mother_of_God_and_Parousia_190x140cm.JPG Saint_Catherine_46x37x3cm.JPG The_Archangel_Gabriel_20x7x2cm.JPG The_Great_Humiliation_60x46x3cm.jpg The_Kasperov_Mother_of_God_41x32x3cm.jpg The_Pantokrator.JPG The_Pantokrator_56x35x3cm.JPG The_archangel_Gabriel.JPG